Zafin’s award-winning technology platform for financial services providers has created some true evangelists among our clients. We strive to build long-lasting relationships and we are honored to serve our valued clients. With Zafin’s philosophy of continuous innovation, our clients know that they have the competitive edge when it comes to enabling technological innovation that drives revenue growth, increases transparency, and improves operational efficiency across their business.
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Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us.



Zürcher Kantonalbank, Switzerland

We were looking for a configurable and rules based pricing and billing engine which could be integrated with our system-landscape with ease. We required a modular and extendible architecture for our future plans. From a business perspective we had to reduce the time to market for new pricing strategies, enable product bundling and provide differential pricing based on customer loyalty. The miRevenue implementation, currently live at ZKB, helps us to meet all these needs and provides us with a sustainable solution for the future.

Mr. Johannes H. Staub, Head Services, Zürcher Kantonalbank



miRevenue gives us a competitive edge by allowing the bank to launch new and innovative products and relationship pricing with minimal time to market.

Mr. G.V. Gopalkrishnan, Senior Vice President (IT), HDFC Bank


IndusInd Bank

Zafin Labs’ miRevenue platform was selected to provide the pricing and billing flexibility to the Bank’s consumer clients, thus providing the power to provide mass customization to the bank’s liability products. miRevenue allows us to easily define new products and make changes to existing products with minimal technical intervention. The ability to launch these new products and marketing campaigns aligns with our vision of using technology to help drive our value proposition to our customers. With this solution we are offering the most innovative products in our market, and that makes both us and our customers happy.

Mr. Mridul Sharma, Senior Vice President, Solution Delivery Group, IndusInd Bank


Standard Chartered Bank

We were looking for a scalable solution that would allow us to take all of our current loyalty initiatives and roll them into an open platform that could standardize the loyalty experience going forward. Zafin Labs’ miLoyalty solution met that requirement and included the flexibility we needed for earning points across multiple lines of business and multiple countries, as well as a variety of redemption options, giving us a truly customer centric view of individuals. Banking is changing and these kind of loyalty initiatives are only going to become more important in the future.

Ramesh Narayanaswamy, Head of Technology Solution Delivery, Standard Chartered Bank


National Bank of Abu Dhabi

Zafin Labs miLoyalty module allowed us to build out a comprehensive loyalty platform. The genius of the solution is in its ability to innovate and create new products as part of a customer loyalty solution. This flexibility allowed us to use miLoyalty as the integral framework and tie other systems in and around it. The project team was able to meet very tight timelines and deployment was completed successfully in an impressive 3 months. We have had a great working relationship with Zafin Labs throughout the engagement and have been well supported since going live in May 2010.

Mr. Anan Makhlouf, Senior Manager, Cards Marketing and Business Development, National Bank of Abu Dhabi


Dubai Islamic Bank

In reviewing the market for solution vendors in the loyalty space, we found that Zafin’s solution provided us with the most flexibility to meet our current needs, while also providing a platform that can easily meet our future business needs. Their enterprise wide loyalty approach and capabilities are directly in line with our strategic objectives to offer unique and convenient banking solutions to our customers.

Dr. Adnan Chilwan, Chief of Retail Banking, Dubai Islamic Bank