• Al Karim Somji

    Al Karim Somji

    Founder, CEO, Board Member

    Karim founded Zafin in 2002. Besides his role as CEO, Karim is our chief visionary, and as such, he has successfully built a team focused on delivering innovations and sustainable revenue enhancement in banking. Today, miRevenue is considered an enterprise-wide strategic platform at some of the largest and most innovative banks in the world.
  • Anugopal Venugopalan

    Anugopal Venugopalan

    Managing Director, Global Customer Engagements

    As a founding team member of Zafin, Anu Venugopalan is responsible for ensuring that miRevenue provides maximum ROI impact for customers globally. He has over 20 years of experience successfully delivering enterprise-class solutions to financial and telecom service providers. Prior to Zafin, he held senior pre-sales and product management roles for technology companies in Canada and India.
  • dinesh 200x217

    Dinesh Krishnan

    Managing Director, Global Product Development

    Dinesh Krishnan runs Zafin’s Global Product Development and is the founder of Zafin Advisory. As Zafin’s senior subject matter expert, he has developed customer-centric strategies for banks with a focus on relationship pricing and loyalty. Previously, Krishnan worked for a global investment bank, where he was responsible for innovative financial products and mergers and acquisitions.
  • Image for John Kohari

    John Kohari

    CEO - Americas

    John is the CEO of Americas for Zafin. In his role, John is responsible for the growth and development of the North, Central and South American markets by leveraging Zafin’s award-winning relationship banking software. John previously spent 33 years at Citi, most recently as Global Head of Treasury & Trade Services’ (TTS) Prepaid Cards business.
  • andrew

    Andrew McCue

    Chief Technology Officer

    Andrew ensures miRevenue is the best engineered financial platform on the planet. With more than 30 years of practical IT experience, Andrew has lead all aspects of computer and network technology implementations for complex integrated and automated systems. Prior to Zafin, McCue has held senior technology leadership positions at several North American companies, including Sun Microsystems.
  • Chris Kenney

    Chris Kenney

    Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing

    Chris Kenney is responsible for creating Zafin’s successful customer relationships and evangelizing the benefits of implementing a Product and Pricing Lifecycle Management Solution. With over 20 years of software experience for financial services, Chris previously lead the billing practice at Oracle where he helped pioneer the world of consolidated billing.
  • Subbu

    Guruswamy Ramasubramanian

    COO and Head of Delivery

    Guruswamy (Subbu) Ramasubramanian is responsible for Global HR, Global Operations, and Delivery for all implementation and support projects. Prior to joining Zafin, Subbu was with IBM where he played several key leadership roles including resource and capacity management. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Certified Information Systems Auditor.
  • sreekumar-200x217

    Sreekumar Nair

    Managing Director, Zafin Centre of Excellence

    Sreekumar is the Managing Director of the Zafin Software Centre of Excellence in Trivandrum, India. He has more than 25 years of experience in key roles, managing software development, projects, accounts and profit centres. Prior to joining Zafin, Sreekumar co-promoted a CMMI Level 3 IT company in India and headed its business development function.
  • Frank Geiser

    Frank Geiser

    Corporate Affairs

    As Zafin’s acting Corporate Affairs Counsel, Frank Geiser ensures our operations comply with all legal obligations. Frank brings a wealth of legal, business and academic experience, having served as a member of various law associations in Germany. He is the principal founder of Geiser and vonOppen, serving companies in the regenerative energy, communication, automotive and infrastructure industries.
  • ruth-klein

    Ruth Klein


    As Zafin’s General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Ruth Klein is responsible for all aspects of the company’s legal matters worldwide. Ruth brings a strong legal and business focus to Zafin with over 25 years’ experience in corporate leadership, technology transactions, business development, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning and negotiations.