Zafin in the News

Zafin in the News

Rewarding Experiences: The New Twist on Loyalty Programs

May 27, 2014

A new way of wooing customers is gaining momentum among banks and other companies. These companies are rewarding customers for participating in activities that have no direct benefit to the bottom line. By encouraging community involvement and other positive behavior, companies hope to bond with customers over things they truly care about.

Source: American Banker



BCTIA announces 2014 technology impact award finalists

April 25, 2014

Zafin has been named a finalist in the Emerging Company of the Year category for the BC Technology Industry Association’s (BCTIA) annual technology impact awards.

Source: Business in Vancouver



What U.S. Banks Can Learn from Credit Union Australia’s Core Upgrade

April 23, 2014

Bank of the West in San Francisco is creating what it calls “relationship pricing.” By gathering intelligence on all the services a customer uses across the organization, the bank can offer different tiers of prices. It’s using miRevenue software from Zafin to structure the fees.

Source: Bank Technology News


The Path to Customer Centricity Through the Cloud

March 26, 2014

Banks can position themselves better for a customer-centric model by by leveraging the cloud to simplify their IT environments.

Source: Bank Systems and Technology



Extending the Life of Your Core Banking Platform

March 7, 2014

Sizing up the available options for replacing core systems.

Source: Bank Systems and Technology



Leveraging Data and Analytics to Circumvent Legacy Systems Challenges

February 14, 2014

With new data and analytics solutions banks may be able to improve their product development and speed-to-market, and put off the question of a core replacement indefinitely.

Source: Bank Systems and Technology



Bank of the West Makes Customer Relationships More Rewarding

November 14, 2013

Just over a year ago, Bank of the West went on a hunt for customer relationship pricing software. It wanted to reward customers according to the number and value of accounts they held at the bank.

Source: Forbes



Top 10 FinTech Companies to Watch

November 6, 2013

Technology: Relationship-based pricing software.
Why It’s One to Watch: This newish iteration of an age-old concept is irresistible to banks, and they’re likely to implement it in droves.

Source: American Banker



Keeping the Customer Profitable

October 7, 2013

Separating customer billing from core systems can have dramatic effects on the bottom line. When Stockholm-based SEB reviewed its correspondent banking services in 2008, it found a lot of fees had gone missing somewhere in the multiple manual billing processes.

Source: Banking Technology



Bank of the West’s CIO is on a Quest for Real-time Analytics

September 30, 2013

In one project, the San Francisco bank is creating what it calls “relationship pricing.” By gathering intelligence on all the services a customer uses across the organization, the bank can offer different tiers of prices. The bank uses miRevenue software from Zafin in Palo Alto, Calif. to calculate the relationship-based prices.

Source: American Banker



Zafin takes inspiration from Telco Sector

June 25, 2013

In fact, he says that it was Zafin which created a new market segment called Relationship Pricing. Simply put, this is the ability of a bank to price a product or service to a customer based on the existing relationship that customer has with the bank.

Source: Digital News Asia



IBS Intelligence: Pricing and Billing Focus

February 6, 2013

More accurate and flexible pricing and billing is a goal for many banks but this is often difficult to achieve. What are the drivers, options and experiences? A strategic approach that looks at these areas within overall product lifecycle management seems to be the best route.

Source: IBS Intelligence



Can Zafin help make the World’s Largest Banks more Customer-centric?

August 21, 2012

Its technology can modernize the billing and revenue management initiatives of various financial institutions, with little ‘rip and replace’ needed. But can Zafin unseat some major entrenched players?

Source: 451 Research



Dynamic Pricing may be the key to Customer Retention

June 28, 2012

Bank of the West says it has set itself apart from larger California-based competitors by providing better service and strengthening customer relationships. Now it wants to take things a step further.

Source: American Banker



On the Radar: Zafin

May 22, 2012

Zafin specializes in providing product catalog, pricing, and billing software solutions for banks and financial services providers. Understanding the root causes of product or customer profitability or unprofitability can spur significant returns for businesses, as well as drive customer-centric strategies.

Source: Ovum Research



Case Study: ZKB – The Price is Right

April 4, 2012

Pricing and billing are the two staples of any business. Zürcher Kantonalbank centralised both processes and is enjoying the benefits.

Source: IBS Intelligence