Content over marketing: The value of thought leadership

While we were not the first to launch a thought leadership hub – Zafin’s Relationship Banker, est. 2013 – we still feel pride that a juggernaut like ANZ saw the merit of the format and launched its own excellent site, BlueNotes. They call it a “branded newsroom” in a piece that ran in Canada’s Financial Post this week. Its aim is “to offer insights about the economy, financial services, investment and society,” burnish its reputation for thought leadership with prospects and clients, and provide a channel to reach employees.

What particularly struck us were the objectives and ideals we shared with BlueNotes: to bring journalistic integrity to the work and to provide meaty, value-added insights to our readers. Stuff bankers can actually use: analyses of trends and best practices that can help banks avoid catastrophes, stay ahead of competitors, and get promoted. And to do it in a way that is accessible, jargon-free, and occasionally, even funny.

It’s hard out there for a CIO. We know. So when we sit down to plan each monthly edition, we look for the key pain points in our corner of the banking world. We’ve published extensively on everything from alternatives to core replacements to the power of relationship pricing to competing with the fintech assault through better offers and analytics, defending and growing deposits, and leveraging pricing excellence on the back of compliance spend. And in one of our most popular pieces, we even took a crack at translating blockchain into English.


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This blog post was written by Mike Wallberg, Content Marketing Manager at Zafin. You can email him directly at