Cash Management


Corporate cash management providers face a number of challenges. Contracts are complex, pricing and volume tiers are difficult to enforce and customers are increasingly demanding custom invoices. And regulations are pointing toward a proper accounting of charges across products and customers.

It is a challenging business environment, and the impacts on the top line turn up in revenue leakage, missed cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and disappointed customers. Without the ability to deliver custom products to high-value clients at the right prices, cash management providers will continue to suffer.

Beyond the macro business environment, you have internal complications, including legacy product systems, exacting business requirements and projected (but currently undefined) regulations. Service providers need solutions today.

miRevenue for Corporate Banking: Cash Management

A Product and Pricing Lifecycle Management (PPLM) platform delivers functionality allowing for a holistic value proposition to drive net new revenues. miRevenue, the leading product in this space, has been proven to create sustainable revenue enhancement for cash management providers in global banks today.

Designed and built specifically for the financial services industry with modern, enterprise-grade architecture, miRevenue comprises a suite of relationship based pricing and billing tools which will allow banks to meet these challenges head on today, tomorrow and well into the future.