Making billing easy

With Zafin’s Billing Management, your bank can automatically track customer compliance against contractual obligations and deliver a detailed, consolidated bill or invoice that’s tailored to customer preferences.

With Billing Management, CIBC was able to centralize ten billing systems into one.

CIBC Business Banking


  • Increase revenue by plugging revenue leakage from manual billing processes.

  • Reduce costs by automating manual processes and rationalizing multiple legacy billing systems.

  • Enhance client experience by delivering a detailed, consolidated invoice tailored to the client’s preferences.

  • Boost accountability and auditability through detailed invoices.

Consolidated, granular invoices and statements

Automate the creation of a single, consolidated, and detailed invoice or statement, available in multiple formats, while providing bank employees with detailed visibility into the status of the invoice throughout the invoice lifecycle.


  • Client groups and hierarchies

    Provide a single view of the client-product hierarchy.

  • Approval workflow

    Configure an internal workflow to support invoice creation, review, amendment and approval.

  • Configure billing schedules

    Automate processes by setting up pre-configured billing cycle profiles at implementation, with the ability to change profiles at any time.

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