Real insights in real time

Zafin’s Relationship Analytics enables Product Managers and Relationship Managers to understand client behaviour and turn it into insights that they can act on. This translates to more informed offers, with greater take-up, leading to happier customers and improved bottom lines.


  • Drive revenue by maximizing product cross-sell and up-sell capabilities, with product recommendations derived from client data

  • Enhance client experience with product offers and pricing tailored to the needs of specific microsegments

  • Increase retention by identifying and proactively targeting clients exhibiting attrition risk behaviours

  • Minimize channel costs by identifying and incentivizing activity with lower-cost channels

Quantify the strength of your client relationships

Our patent-pending Customer Relationship Score (CRS) measures the breadth and profitability of client relationships. The purpose of the CRS is to quantify the strength of the relationship in order for managers to respond to client needs accordingly and develop more targeted product offerings.


  • Customer Relationship Score

    A proprietary, algorithmically derived metric applied to each retail banking client that reflects the value of his or her individual relationship to the bank.

  • Next Best Product

    Leverage client data to match banking services with the highest propensity for take-up to each individual client.

  • Relationship Scorecard

    Provides an intuitive home base for understanding all aspects of a client relationship, including client holdings and history, CRS, etc.

  • CRS Optimizer

    Model various ways the client can improve their CRS with a scenario analysis tool.

  • Offer Curation

    Build and individually price products based on specific criteria, and then offer them automatically across large client segments.

  • Channel Optimizer

    Identify opportunities for Relationships Manager to move clients from higher-cost channels to lower-cost ones.

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