Become more transparent with staff and clients

As Head of Compliance, you need to have the right processes in place to ensure compliance to changing regulations. Unfortunately, existing systems and infrastructure don’t always make transparency or reporting easy. With Zafin’s solutions, you have visibility into every action taken within the system for easy, clear reporting.

  • Mitigate conduct risk

    Ensure the right products are being offered to clients by setting eligibility requirements, and keep an audit trail of changes and approvals

  • Manage liquidity

    Maintain a record of changes and approvals to justify why fees are charged and why, and provide granular reporting for regulators

  • Improve transparency

    Demonstrate fair and transparent fees and rates, and improve complaint handling by equipping customer service staff with adequate information

Protect your bank's reputational risk

Use pre-determined rules to identify a list of suitable products that match client needs. Clients will only have access to the products they are eligible for, reducing the risk of mis-selling. This not only enhances client experience and drives revenue, but also protects your bank’s reputation.

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Generate reports easily

Be proactive about risk management by improving your bank’s overall transparency and reporting abilities. Maintain an audit trail of what changes were made and who approved them through detailed and automated trails of workflow activity. Most importantly, you can generate reports for auditors and regulators.

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Improve fee transparency while reducing costs

Become more transparent with staff and clients by providing information regarding what a fee is and why it was charged. This information can be provided to customer service staff, and/or clients directly. By providing this information directly to clients, you also decrease the amount of fee-related inquiries.

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