Automate processes and plug revenue leakage

As Head of Corporate Banking, we know it can be challenging to maintain strong client relationships while keeping up with changing technologies and increased regulation. On top of all that, you continue to struggle with poor in-house technology systems. That’s where Zafin’s solutions for corporate banking can help.

  • Increase profitability

    Get a complete view of the client relationship so that you can recommend the right products and improve cross- and up-sell.

  • Improve flexibility and agility

    Tailor products and pricing to client groups or individuals, and improve time-to-market by launching new products faster than your competitors.

  • Reduce revenue leakage

    Recoup between 3-12% of costs associated with manual processes and poor pricing governance.

Enhance pricing governance

Enhance pricing governance by automatically monitoring pricing arrangements against key performance metrics. This reduces operational costs, and allows you to shift the focus back on growing revenue and improving profitability.

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Automate manual processes and recoup revenue leakage

A bank typically leaks 3-12% of their annual fee income as a result of manual processes. Recoup these losses by streamlining and automating billing processes.

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