Make product management more flexible

Managing budgets and timelines can be especially difficult when it takes between six and nine months to launch a new product using current systems. On top of that, without a feedback loop for product usage, you have no concrete information to influence the development of new products and offers. With Zafin’s platform, you gain a better understanding of client needs and behaviours, to be able to develop, launch, and offer the right products.

  • Enhance revenue

    Tailor products to client needs and make relevant, targeted product recommendations that drive cross- and up-sell

  • Improve product development

    Simplify product portfolios by centralizing products in a single repository and make it easier to design and launch new products

  • Become more flexible and agile

    Reduce time to market from 6-9 months to as little as two weeks, and reduce the costs of designing and launching new products

Take back control

Create and change products quickly and easily with no manual process or IT interaction. This means you can launch new products in a matter of weeks, all without relying on your IT team.

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Understand your clients better

Gain a better understanding of client needs and identify a list of suitable products that match those needs. This improves product uptake, reduces the risk of mis-selling, drives revenue, and enhances overall client satisfaction.

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