Building a Business Case for Product and Pricing Lifecycle Management



“I understand that customer centricity is the future of banking, but how do I get started? Where do I start? How do I get funding?”

These are questions we’re often asked when we talk to financial institutions about creating a customer-centric strategy with Product and Pricing Lifecycle Management (PPLM). Indeed, there are a number of interrelated factors to consider as part of your PPLM journey, so it’s understandable that the prospect of a large-scale change initiative can seem somewhat daunting.

Subscribe to Zafin's Relationship Banker PodcastOur Zafin Advisory team breaks down a systematic approach to building a business case for PPLM and implementing change.

Special guests:

Des Farrell
Executive Consultant
Zafin Advisory


Charles Raj
Principal Consultant
Zafin Advisory


Part 1: PPLM as a strategic platform (15:52)

  • The paradigm shift from a product-centric model to a customer-centric model
  • The dimensions of revenue management
  • Why the Henry Ford model of product creation and distribution won’t work for the future of banking
  • The digital disruptions that transformed the music and book industry are also transforming the banking ecosystem
  • Legacy banking systems are simply not equipped to offer the level of flexibility required for future product and pricing innovation


Part 2: Business drivers for PPLM (14:57)

  • Revenue, from managing revenue leakage to optimizing revenue in the future
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Customer experience
  • Organizational/operational risk and efficiency
  • Technology rationalization


Part 3: Common challenges associated with large-scale change projects (9:28)

  • Identifying and allocating people resources
  • Priorities: Balancing short-term “business-as-usual” requirements with long-term strategic needs
  • Data management
  • Demonstrate a need for PPLM with a “baby” business case or feasibility study to provide quicker insight into the viability of a PPLM initiative


Part 4: Best practices for building a business case (12:26)

  • Taking stock of current product and pricing landscape
  • Map critical themes and benefits to PPLM capabilities
  • Workshops = end-to-end insights
  • Measurable metrics
  • Engage with and test changes with customers early on


Part 5: The benefits of a phased implementation approach (16:04)

  • Unfortunately, the ideal world (a “big bang”) doesn’t exist
  • Very few bank staff have a complete end-to-end view of the process
  • It’s all about flexibility and balancing risk with reward
  • With NPV cash flow analysis, smaller projects result in quicker benefits
  • Checkpoints to gauge progress
  • Layering in functionality and tackling low-hanging fruit


Part 6: Three steps to a typical phased implementation (13:15)

  • A better managed, logical pathway to drive future steps of the project
  • From Enhanced Current State to Simple Optimization to Complex Optimization
  • Initial phases help staff familiarize themselves with PPLM
  • Phases can be structured according to strategic priorities and requirements


Part 7: Zafin Advisory engagement model and timelines (8:12)

  • Advisory services can assist in accelerating implementation timelines
  • The journey: What does a typical Zafin Advisory engagement look like?
  • Consider resource constraints, product roadmap and willingness for change


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