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Banking Consultants

In today’s competitive environment, banks face pressure to improve financial performance. However, Zafin believes that there are limits to what can be achieved through cost reduction alone. Banks must also look at how they capture and manage revenue – and at the same time improve customer experience and better manage customer relationships across lines of business.

To improve efficiency, retain revenue and deliver new sources of revenue, it is vital to think differently about the way banking products are created, priced and packaged. In order to build and manage services the way their customers buy them, banks must shift from a purely product-driven to a customer-centric approach.

But where do you start?

Zafin Advisory is a trusted advisor in developing customer-centric revenue enhancement strategies. We offer tailored, cost-effective engagements that deliver value quickly and set the stage for business transformation.

Our domain team delivers core consulting services across three functional divisions:

Domain Advisory Services 

Our domain experts and banking consultants are thought leaders in many innovative niches in banking today, including relationship and dynamic pricing, centralized and hierarchical billing, product and pricing simulation, revenue capture and enhancement and enterprise loyalty management. Consultants assist clients to assess current business challenges, frame the technology environment, map with best practices, develop a strategic roadmap and present performance enhancement strategies.

Business Case Development

Our domain experts can help you identify and map business drivers and target return elements, as well as map with return drivers from existing clients. Consultants can develop ROI models, including sensitivity for different scenarios, and will use these to help build out the business case for any development area or strategic initiative.

Pricing Strategy Consulting

Relationship and dynamic pricing experts are available to assist you with any pricing challenges in banking. Our team will develop optimal pricing and bundling tariff structures, including mapping scenarios for new product and pricing uptake, attrition and elasticity.

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