Advisory Services

Zafin’s advisory team helps your business identify and drive revenue through improved processes. Our end-to-end approach enables a better understanding of how your business can solve strategic challenges within your technology environment.

New clients can expect to work together with Zafin’s advisory team to map business challenges against best practices. Together, we will develop strategic roadmap designs to drive revenue and growth. Existing clients also enjoy Zafin’s consistent service aimed at maximizing the value of their existing technology spends.

Our core advisory services are divided across the following three functional divisions:


Zafin’s product experts enable new and existing clients to identify business drivers and target return elements through customized return-on-investment models. These models are designed to include sensitivity to different scenarios. Together, we will use them to help you build and execute the business case for relevant strategic initiatives.


Zafin’s pricing experts will help you develop optimal structures to price your products and services, including mapping scenarios for new product and pricing uptake, attrition, and elasticity. Our team will also help identify customer-centric revenue enhancement strategies to drive sustainable business growth.


Zafin’s analytics advisory team helps financial services providers improve sub-optimal performance when it comes to rewarding customers for the full range of products and services they use. Our experts provide actionable insights and best-in-class support – either in-house or via the expertise of our partners – in order to identify, add, and boost value.

Zafin’s Advisory Services offers tailored, cost-effective engagements that deliver value quickly and set the stage for business transformation. Contact us today at