Customer Lifecycle Management for Corporate Banking

Customer Lifecycle Management for Corporate BankingTechnology platform for corporate and retail banking

As corporate banks struggle with a growing regulatory burden, rising stakes in managing conduct risk, and persistent revenue leakage, they need to find a way to increase transparency while growing closer to clients.

Zafin helps banks strategically manage their corporate accounts through their customer lifecycle, providing the ability to:

  • Reduce ongoing operational costs resulting from changing product and pricing bundles
  • Easily monitor client performance against policy or contractual obligations
  • Comply with changing regulatory requirements around pricing and billing transparency

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Drive Revenue Growth

  • Tailor pricing and product bundles to client groups and individual clients
  • Reduce operating costs associated with changing product and pricing bundles
  • Enhance revenue proactively by monitoring customer performance against contractual obligations


Increase Transparency

  • Generate a single, consolidated invoice for all charges across multiple geographies, accounts, and services
  • Easily comply with changing regulatory requirements using Zafin’s flexible technology framework
  • Strengthen internal transparency through auditable and automated interactions and workflow approvals


Boost Operational Efficiency

  • Increase the scale and accuracy of automatically collected revenues
  • Integrate multiple upstream and downstream systems without replacing core systems
  • Create and launch new products with reduced time-to-market


Enhance Customer Experience

  • Provide customized contracts suited to customer needs
  • Meet a variety of customer billing preferences
  • Easily manage other individual customer needs on a tailored basis


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