Customer Lifecycle Management for Retail Banking

Customer Lifecycle Management for Retail BankingZafin-SummaryCircles

Retail banks have spent the last few years reacting to a flurry of rising regulatory requirements. As new market entrants threaten to disrupt the industry, retail banks must evolve to meet the evolving demands of their customers.

With Zafin’s miRevenue, retail banks are well-equipped to transform their banking systems through the ability to:

  • Tailor products and pricing to meet the needs of customers through their lifecycle
  • Seamlessly integrate multiple upstream and downstream systems without having to replace core banking systems
  • Create and launch products without IT intervention
  • Implement effective and efficient fee structures that are both transparent and tailored to customer segments

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Grow Deposit Revenues

  • Generate new revenue with innovative product and pricing capabilities
  • Realize revenue faster with shorter processing times


Increase Transparency

  • Offer customers complete transparency on their banking products, services, and corresponding fees
  • Explain terms and conditions, eligibility criteria, and product suitability clearly


Boost Operational Efficiency

  • Enjoy the benefits of end-to-end automation, well-defined exception handling, and streamlined straight-through processing
  • Integrate multiple upstream and downstream systems without replacing core systems


Enhance Customer Experience

  • Deliver customer-centric offerings that exceed retail banking expectations
  • Create conditions for long-lasting loyalty by offering the right products at the right time


CIMB Case Study Bank of the West Case Study<a href=Emirates NBD Case StudyHDFC Case StudyTier 1 UK Bank Case Study




Product catalog: Simplifying banking product design and management

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Enabling Fee Transparency with Zafin’s miRevenue

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  • Fee Transparency 101: This easy-to-understand guide uses the fictional story of a real estate agent to highlight the importance of fee transparency in retail banking, including an outline of how Zafin’s flexible technology framework sets the stage for a range of unique product and pricing innovations.
  • Product and Pricing 101: This primer offers a detailed outline of best practices for establishing product and pricing in retail banking.
  • The End of Days for Mis-Selling Banking Products: Matching Suitable Products to Eligible Clients: Using the example of Lloyds Bank’s new online eligibility tool, this article from Zafin’s Relationship Banker outlines the importance of developing innovative, customer-centric solutions in banking.



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