Corporate Banking

Overcome manual processes and gain the flexibility you need to better serve customers

Today’s corporate bank faces a slurry of challenges: pressure to comply with tightening regulations, the need to enhance profitability, and the ability to deliver customer-first products and services.

Zafin’s miRevenue for Corporate Banking solution will help you overcome manual processes to improve your ability to serve corporate clients.

How do corporate banks benefit?


Image for Pricing Flexibility with miRevenue for Retail Banking

Flexible and agile product management and pricing

Launch products faster and make pricing changes directly with little to no IT intervention

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Improved focus on the customer for stronger client relationships

Develop stronger relationships with customers and offer more tailored pricing and billing options

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Reduce revenue leakage and enhance revenue

Recoup between 3-12% of costs associated with manual processes and poor pricing governance


Revenue leakage for cash management

Revenue leakage can be a chronic killer of cash management businesses – especially if you don’t realize how pervasive it is. Zafin’s revenue leakage calculator can run the numbers for your bank.

For the most common scenarios, the calculator yields an approximate leakage range of three to 12 percent of existing revenues. In other words, a $1 billion cash management business with an experience in line with these averages could be leaking anywhere from $30 to $120 million every year.

Delivering results without replacing core systems

We know a bank’s core system performs several very important functions. This is why we’ve built our platform to sit alongside a bank’s core system and client-facing channels. With Zafin’s miRevenue for Corporate Banking solution, your bank is prepared to introduce and manage products that customers want, meet annual sales targets, and personalize banking relationships without impacting underlying systems.


Key features:

Image for Banking product management with Zafin's miRevenueProduct Management: Transform product management processes with the ability to create products, define suitability and eligibility, and assemble product bundles quickly


Image for Pricing for miRevenue for Corporate BankingPricing: Create, simulate, and manage different pricing options and rates through a central and automated system, and offer more individualized pricing based on the customer relationship


Image for Client management with miRevenue for Corporate BankingClient Management: miRevenue provides corporate banks a 360-degree view of each customer in order to execute effective product and pricing strategies


Image for Deal Management with miRevenue for Corporate BankingDeal Management: Improve the management of customer proposals and agreements, and curate tailored offers based on key attributes such as profitability of a customer relationship


Image for Billing with miRevenue for Corporate BankingBilling: Automatically track customer compliance with contractual obligations and deliver detailed and consolidated billing tailored to customer preferences

Case Studies:

CIBC Case StudySEB Case StudyTier-1 North American Case Study


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