Enterprise Product Hub

For corporate and retail banking

Fully integrated with the bank’s internal systems, Zafin’s Enterprise Product Hub is one part Product Manager workbench and one part execution platform. A single source for all products across both retail and corporate banking, it effectively serves three key product-related functions: Consolidate, manage and distribute.


Key Benefits

Image for Pricing Flexibility with miRevenue for Retail Banking

Enable the product management function
to become more nimble
and flexible

Personalize products
to support client acquisition, cross selling, and retention strategies

Reduce time to market for new products, from six to nine months to
as little as two weeks


Image for Banking product management with Zafin's miRevenue

Simplify product portfolios and reduce product maintenance costs in legacy systems


Reduce the risk of
mis-selling by matching suitable products to eligible clients



  • Configure products in a single repository
  • Configure product attributes
  • Configure product eligibility rules
  • Configure product bundles
  • Return the right product to any channel via an API
  • Distribute product data to execution systems via an API

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