Asset Management


Asset managers serve a diverse range of customers – from collective investment management to discretionary portfolio management – implying a distinct array of products and value propositions. Whether delivering institutional products for insurance companies, private corporations and funds, or customized products and services for high net worth individuals, banks in the asset management space need to deliver suitable product combinations to eligible clients at the right price and time.

Asset managers are looking to offer customized products and bundles at the prices commensurate with the value to the institution. The vast array of wealth management services requires a robust platform to manage products and pricing. Delivering the right bundle of services to each client for the right price in a transparent manner is a challenge for even the most experienced private bankers.

Enabling concierge banking for institutions

Successful asset management happens when the client considers the banking team a strategic partner in his or her business. To get there, asset managers must understand the long and short term objectives of the client, while delivering a base level of expertise that spans traditional and alternative investments, as well as compliance, governance and risk management.

The right approach and the right team are about two-thirds of the equation for success. The last third is equipping that team with the right product and pricing delivery systems to create a true concierge banking experience.

Portfolio management 2.0

High net worth clients are all looking for basic investment features, such as active and passive pooled fund strategies, alternative investment strategies and segregated account management. Every asset manager delivers on this basic feature set or they don’t last long. Those that thrive will add the relationship component – bespoke product bundling and relationship based pricing for a holistic value proposition unique to each client. Again, the right team will get you part of the way there, but the last piece is a flexible system that can deliver the right price for the client and acceptable profitability for the bank.

miRevenue for Wealth Management: Asset Management

Today, the asset management team works within the limitations of existing product systems to come up with segmented product and pricing to offer the market. Competitors offer similar products and pricing and clients choose among the available options. The key ingredient, however, is missing. Product and Pricing Lifecycle Management (PPLM), which helps banks make strategic decisions within the holistic context of its own pricing and product ecosystem, enables true relationship based pricing and, as a result, that next level of concierge banking.