Zafin helps banks incentivize desirable client behaviour by offering the right product to the right client at the right time through the right channel at the right price. Our award-winning platform has helped banks of all sizes deepen client relationships, improve operational efficiency, and enhance revenue.

Founded in 2002, Zafin was established as a result of recognizing the need for banks to provide clients with the right products and pricing while measuring value and profitability. Zafin’s founders worked with our first client to build a solution from the ground up, tailored specifically for the financial industry.

This approach of understanding a problem first, and then building a solution to solve that specific problem is something that Zafin continues to do today. It reinforces Zafin’s commitment to innovation and building lasting relationships with both clients and partners.

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A Commitment to Innovation

At Zafin, our goal is to make banking better for both the bank and their clients. We want to equip financial institutions with technology that empowers them to be innovative and more customer-centric. With the right technology and foundation in place, financial institutions can operate more efficiently, make better business decisions, and build stronger relationships with their clients.

Partnering with industry leaders

Our global network of partners enables us to deliver exceptional value to clients.

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A Trusted Advisor

Our team is guided and led by a group of individuals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in banking. Their expertise within the financial industry and technology, along with a proven track record of success, reinforces our position as a trusted advisor to clients.

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We are proud of the work we do and the team we’ve built at Zafin, and we are grateful for the awards and recognition we’ve received as a result.

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