Say Goodbye to Boring, One-Size-Fits-All Banking Products

Zafin’s product and pricing platform empowers your financial institution to evolve as quickly as your customers are. Solve for existing use cases and emerging opportunities, plus seamlessly execute complex pricing and billing arrangements for corporate and commercial clients.

What Does Your Bank Need Most?

Uncover data sourced from every corner of the bank – from retail and mortgage to SME, commercial and corporate lines of business – and turn it into new product and pricing possibilities, all in Zafin’s dynamic core-agnostic platform.

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Our Solutions

Relationship Pricing

Reward customers for relationships, leading to greater wallet share and cross-sales, customer satisfaction and profitability. Build product packages that are relevant to your customers’ life stages and financial goals.

Product Information Management

Proactively connect with customers across every channel to strengthen your sales efforts – and your competitive advantage. Use our centralized platform to configure and then recommend products and pricing, using an unlimited number of data sources across your business lines and industries.

Quote-to-Cash & Account Analysis

Automate and monitor corporate and commercial pricing arrangements to ensure transparency, compliance, customer satisfaction and to plug revenue leakage.

Modernize & Transform Core Banking

Expand your product and pricing applications and offerings well beyond what’s possible with legacy core banking systems, with little risk. Progressively modernize your core so you can be responsive to market opportunities, cutting-edge banking trends and competitive pressures.

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