Differential Pricing – Business and Technology Perspective with participation from HDFC Bank

One of the biggest challenges that most of the banks/FIs are facing, is to retain their High Net Worth / More profitable customers. The spurt in the amount of information available today at the customers’ behest and the increasing competition has made it mandatory for a bank/FI to differentiate its otherwise vanilla offerings, in tune with the kind of customer they are dealing with. Hence, today Differential Pricing has become a very important area and is attracting a lot of attention. To execute this concept successfully, it is critical that that the Bank/FI should have a Single View of the Customer (for more info on this, please visit:http://www.wipro.com/webpages/insights/single_view.htm).
Also, this needs to be supported by technology working at the back end, helping in pulling out the relevant data from various databases and creating models which will enable fast decision making while deciding on discounts given for this purpose.

We are pleased to inform you that Wipro Technologies can now offer a non-invasive solution from Zafin Labs which allows Institutions to accelerate the roll out of customer-led product pricing and bundling strategies enhancing product innovation, customer retention, acquisition and plugging revenue leakages.

To explain this further, Wipro Technologies invites you to a webinar on the topic: “Differential Pricing – Business and Technology Perspective” on 7th June, 2006 at 2030 – 2130 IST, 1600 – 1700 UK time, 1100 – 1200 EST. The webinar will be hosted by Ms. Isabella Fonseca, a leading analyst from Celent. Ms. Fonseca’s current research focuses on wealth management, multichannel integration, wireless payments, treasury and cash management, customer relationship management, and ATMs. She has been widely quoted in the press including Les Echos and has written columns for gtnew.com and Financial-i.

We have invited Mr. G V Gopalakrishnan, Senior VP, IT, HDFC Bank as the keynote speakers for this webinar. He would discuss the problem area of Differential Pricing in detail and how HDFC has addressed this problem. To give a technology perspective, we would be having Mr.Roop Singh, VP, Financial Services, Wipro Technologies speaking on this.

Zafin Labs will be represented by Dinesh Krishnan, VP – Business Advisory and Anugopal Venugopalan, Vice President for Customer Experience.