LogicaCMG announces a partnership with Zafin Labs

LogicaCMG, a major international force in IT and business services, today announces a partnership with Zafin Labs, a leading provider to the financial services market of billing, pricing and packaging solutions, to provide Zafin Labs miRevenue product across Europe.

The implementation of Zafin Labs product miRevenue enables financial services providers to dramatically improve their revenue management, increase cross-selling and improve time to market. In one single implementation at a major Indian Bank, miRevenue delivered substantial benefits for relationship managers servicing more than 10 million retail accounts.

The Payments Services Directive (PSD) and the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) has increased competition among banks in Europe. LogicaCMG believes that banks can turn regulatory pressure into a competitive advantage through better client service and improved product management. SEPA and PSD compliancy not only forces banks into cost and pricing transparency, it also opens up an opportunity for new approaches to product management, pricing and billing.

miRevenue has been recognized by the reputable trade magazine “The Banker” for best technical global retail solution 2007.

As part of the partnership, LogicaCMG and Zafin Labs intend to develop a joint European Centre of Excellence which will initially focus on clients in the Netherlands.

Chris Galenkamp, Sales & Marketing Director of LogicaCMG in the Netherlands, commented: “We are pleased to have finalized this partnership with Zafin Labs. Together we will deliver an integrated solution for our clients, enabling them to compete in the new European financial landscape, comply with regulation and have a stable and effective operational revenue management environment. ”

Mr. Al Karim Somji – CEO of Zafin Labs said, “There is growing recognition by analysts and clients of the need for modern and robust approaches to product and market management. Working with LogicaCMG gives our joint clients a comprehensive approach to delivering business benefits in terms of revenue management and market optimization.”

About Zafin Labs

Zafin Labs provides solutions that enable “Customer Centricity” with a focus on revenue generation and recognition, catering exclusively to global financial service providers. Zafin Labs’ miRevenue product suite enables one to one customization, dynamic relationship pricing and revenue capture with complete transparency and compliance, along with the tools for product and relationship life cycle management. Zafin Labs has offices in Toronto, Canada; London, UK; Berlin, Germany; Dubai, UAE; Singapore and Mumbai and Trivandrum in India. Please visit us at www.Zafinlabs.com