Zafin Labs Sponsored The Gartner Financial Services Technology Summit in London, UK

Zafin Labs was pleased to be a Silver Sponsor at the Gartner Financial Services Technology Summit at London, that happened between 24 -25, 2007.

“Zafin Labs is a pioneer in innovative Dynamic Relationship Pricing solutions for the global Financial Services Providers, This event is an ideal showcase for our solutions for the financial services industry” said Anugopal Venugopalan, Managing Director Europe, at Zafin Labs. “We realized that the financial services industry needed to focus on the real needs of their customers and provide tailor-made products and packages that meet the unique financial needs of individual customers. Our strategy embraces the development of technologies that support financial service providers as they re-shape their approach to the customer.”

Zafin Labs was recently awarded the 2007 Technology Award for Best Retail Banking Project by The Banker Magazine for its miRevenue deployment at HDFC Bank (NYSE:HDB). The miRevenue solution has been in-production in a demanding retail banking environment since April 2006 and helps the bank in authoring and applying very complex service charging rules based on customer segmentations.

Zafin Labs provided solutions briefings, and demonstrated Zafin Labs’ award-winning miRevenue product to conference attendees.

About Zafin Labs

Zafin Labs provides solutions that enable “Customer Centricity” with a focus on revenue generation and recognition, catering exclusively to global financial service providers. Zafin Labs’ miRevenue product suite enables one to one customization, dynamic relationship pricing and revenue capture with complete transparency and compliance, along with the tools for product and relationship life cycle management. Zafin Labs has offices in Toronto, Canada; London, UK; Berlin, Germany; Dubai, UAE; Singapore and Mumbai and Trivandrum in India. Please visit us at