For many bank customers, Account Analysis is the heart of their banking relationship, but the experience can be challenging. Monthly statements are difficult to understand and lengthy — in some cases, hundreds of pages long — making them time-consuming to reconcile, involving Treasury, finance, customer service and operations teams.

Further complicating an already complex situation, IT staff with expertise in legacy Account Analysis applications are retiring from the workforce, creating business continuity and operational risks.

As a result, many U.S. banks are actively looking to replace their Account Analysis systems — in some cases, as part of a broader digital transformation strategy.


  • Our out-of-the-box, cloud-based Account Analysis solution can be implemented rapidly.

  • Streamline reconciliation processes and reduce treasury costs for your clients.

  • Enhance your bank’s operational efficiency by reducing inquiry volumes and re-analysis execution.

  • Reduce execution risks and costs associated with business transformation.

  • Improve flexibility and consistency.

  • Increase transparency around fees, rates and how they were derived.

  • Rationalize product codes to enhance the client experience with a shorter, simpler and easier-to-understand statement.

  • Provide clients with real-time access to Account Analysis data to support reconciliation activities.

  • Empower client-facing teams to better serve with real-time access to account-level data.

  • Lay the foundation for a broader set of transformative product and pricing initiatives.

Did you know? Many commercial banking clients spend in excess of $250,000 per year on banking services and maintain millions of dollars of deposits, but only 25% use automated tools to manage their bank fees and only 21% use external benchmarks.

Source: Treasury Strategies, Bank Fee Analysis: Ripe With Opportunity

A foundational element to drive future growth

Zafin’s Account Analysis solution is just one component of a robust suite of product and pricing capabilities that can not only meet current Account Analysis requirements, but also enable broader core modernization, digital transformation, relationship pricing and customer experience strategies within a compliant framework.


  • Flexible hierarchies

    Enable corporate/product hierarchies in line with client billing requirements and preferences.

  • ETL wizard and library

    Simplify integration with a broad array of product and service processors with hundreds of predefined industry standard formats.

  • Industry-standard repository of service and AFP codes

    Streamline integration patterns and increase client visibility into usage data by better contextualizing fee information in statements.

  • Earnings Credit Rate (ECR) support

    Apply earnings allowances to balances based on a preferred rate source in line with segment strategies and exception pricing requirements.

  • Hybrid account analysis (ECR) support

    Apply standard or complex rate structures to excess balances (similar to the rest of your deposit portfolio).

  • Standard price lists

    Configure standard fees and calculations.

  • Fee and rate computations

    Execute complex fee and rate calculations flawlessly.

  • Flexible pricing configuration

    Support an unlimited number of pricing tiers and accounts within a billing structure.

  • Pricing substantiation

    Support internal and regulatory reviews, while enabling bank employees to substantiate charges and/or provide direct access to clients via channels.

  • Rules-based pricing governance framework

    Track fee waivers and rebates against required conditions automatically.

  • Relationship pricing

    Price clients based on the breadth and depth of their banking relationship.

  • Exception pricing workflow

    Apply exception pricing systematically at the customer and account level.

  • Billing statement data

    Generate customer statement data at consolidated or individual levels.

Several Tier-1 banks worldwide trust Zafin to support a range of product, pricing and billing solutions for their commercial banking clients.

Zafin + DXC: A strategic partnership

Pre-built integrations between Zafin's product and pricing platform and DXC's Hogan systems give DXC clients a compelling on-ramp to modernizing DXC's Relationship Profitability Manager (RPM) Account Analysis application.

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