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For a Tier-1 bank, managing client-specific deals is a complex undertaking. Each client demands a tailored approach, with customized product and pricing propositions to suit individual needs.

Our simple, easy-to-use technology platform for pricing and deal governance enables corporate banks to rapidly deploy and govern personalized, profitable client proposals.


  • Enable Relationship Managers to acquire, deepen, and retain with client-specific propositions.

  • Plug revenue leakage by automatically monitoring pricing arrangements against key performance metrics.

  • Construct a client-specific deal in as little as 10 minutes – streamlining a process that typically takes hours or even days.

  • Eliminate unnecessary manual processes and IT-related spending for standard business processes, such as client repricing.

  • Make it impossible to propose an unprofitable deal by basing pricing to required performance metrics.

  • Prevent revenue loss at the early stages of product innovation due to manual workarounds and system limitations.

15% of annual revenue can be lost to revenue leakage and another 15% lost to attrition.

Boston Consulting Group

How much revenue is your bank leaking?

Do you know how much money you’re leaving on the table? Revenue leakage can usually be traced back to legacy systems, manual processes, and poor governance over pricing policies.

Using our solution, banks can potentially increase annual fee income by as much as 3% to 12% with better pricing governance – automatically monitoring policy agreements to ensure that conditions of pricing arrangements are upheld.


  • Product and Pricing Management

    • Ready-to-use product templates and service libraries
    • Standard pricing propositions
    • Client/product association
    • Manage base cost structures
    • Approval workflow
  • Deal Management

    • Manage current and prospective clients’ hierarchies and groups
    • Create and model client proposals and evaluate impact of discounts
    • Pricing governance based on key performance metrics
    • Proactively monitor client pricing and performance against policies

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