The complete relationship pricing suite

To manage client value effectively, retail banks are looking to strike a balance between what’s good for the client and good for the bank. This approach demands agility, flexibility, and innovation. Legacy core banking systems make it difficult to innovate and respond to market demands.

Relationship Pricing enables banks to incentivize the right client behaviour with greater control over three levers of client value: fees, rates, and offers.


  • Execute client-centric strategies to acquire, deepen, and retain relationships and improve campaign response rates.

  • Accelerate time to market for new products, pricing, and offers from six to nine months to as little as two weeks.

  • Reduce operating costs by automating manual processes and driving efficiencies around marketing and distribution costs.

  • Provide greater visibility into what a fee is and why it was charged, as well as why clients received a particular rate.

  • Enable Product and Segment Managers to tailor, change, and rapidly deploy multi-product value propositions – all without any technical knowledge or IT interaction.

  • Eliminate revenue leakage by automating the monitoring, tracking and governance around fees, rates, and offers.

Slow time to market is one of the biggest risks facing the banking industry.

Don Free, Gartner

100% cloud-enabled

Did you know that more than 80% of the world’s largest financial institutions use Microsoft Azure? Azure is Zafin’s preferred cloud deployment option. With our fully containerized platform, we offer a range of options for public and private cloud implementations.

Demonstrate fair and transparent fees and rates

Provide transparency to staff and clients regarding what a fee is and why it was charged. Managers can also define parameters for pricing exceptions that branch staff and other client-facing roles can give to clients, allowing greater control over who can deviate from standard rates, by how much, and for how long.


  • Fee Management

    • Configure standard fees and calculations
    • Create different price plans for specific microsegments based on configurable attributes
    • Create a rules-based governance framework to track fee waivers, discounts, rebates, and reversals
    • Enable transparency for staff and clients, with clear descriptions of what a fee is and why it was charged
  • Rate Management

    • Configure standard rates
    • Create different rate plans for specific microsegments based on configurable attributes
    • Import base rates or configure your own
    • Configure rate offsets, exceptions and validations
    • Create a rules-based governance framework to track preferred rates against required conditions
  • Cross Product Conditional Offers

    • Design unique cross-products offers for specific microsegments
    • Configure eligibility rules, conditions and benefits for each offer
    • Create a rules-based governance framework to track benefits against required conditions
    • Assign the applicable benefit automatically

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