Create a foundation for digital innovation

Digitizing your bank’s processes can be a steep hill to climb, especially when you account for the old infrastructure currently in place. With Zafin, you can establish a solid digital foundation that enables a digital client journey, improves agility, and drives revenue.

  • Incentivize digital channels

    Realize significant cost savings by using pricing to incentivize clients to embrace digital channels.

  • Increase revenue

    Drive new new sales via digital channels and reduce application abandonment rates.

  • Meet customer demands

    Allow clients to easily and quickly complete applications and open accounts digitally, while personalizing offers to meet their needs.

Increase revenue from digital sales

Augment traditional channels with sales via online and mobile channels, while reducing application abandonment rates. It’s no surprise that 46% of consumers use only digital channels today (PwC, 2017 Digital Banking Consumer Survey). By meeting client demand for digital, you can improve client satisfaction, while driving revenue.

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Save and resume

Ensure you don’t lose clients and their business by enabling a seamless and user-friendly on-boarding process. More than 50% of banks don’t allow clients to save and resume the mobile process of creating a new account using a different channel (2017 Digital Banking Report).

With Zafin Origin, prospective clients can initiate an application on any channel, save it, and complete the application at a later time, on any channel.

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