Overcome challenges associated with legacy and core systems

Spearheading innovation at your bank is not always easy, and often times, it starts with an overhaul of legacy systems and old infrastructure. According to Gartner, slow time to market is a bank’s biggest risk. Through 2019, $1 invested in innovation requires $7 more for core execution. With Zafin’s solutions, you can overcome challenges associated with legacy and core systems, while embarking on innovation and digital transformation.

  • Encourage innovation

    Foster a culture of innovation by establishing a technological foundation that improves the way your bank serves clients.

  • Improve operational efficiency

    With new technology comes improved efficiency - automate and consolidate manual processes to reduce time and cost.

  • Enhance client experience

    Meet client demand by offering service on multiple channels, and allowing clients to complete applications digitally, without having to visit a branch.

Satisfy client demand for digital

Meet client demand for digital by enabling clients to open accounts digitally, while personalizing offers to clients’ needs. This enhances client experience, while driving revenue.

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100% cloud-based platform

Partnering with Microsoft Azure for Canadian clients and Amazon AWS for the rest of the world, we are able to provide secure, compliant, and flexible cloud storage. This makes implementation and software updates faster and more efficient.

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