Banks’ monolithic legacy cores can no longer support the business imperative to stay ahead of today’s swift-moving, customer-centric and highly competitive marketplace. Zafin SaaS is the best way to keep pace with a rapidly changing market and even more rapidly changing customer expectations. Consume evolving product and pricing capabilities rather than owning and running them with Zafin’s multi-cloud SaaS solution.





Benefits to your bank include

Product Systems (Gears In Webpages)


Keep current with Zafin’s latest features and functionalities via automatic quarterly releases; costs; Scale immediately and infinitely; Enhance data security;

Retention (Woman In A Circle With Star)


Increase business agility and speed of innovation; Define and deliver customer experiences that you otherwise couldn’t; Access an ecosystem of powerful partners and collaborators; Future-proof your bank’s investment in product, pricing and offer management technologies and processes;

Cloud Banking at Its Best

Zafin is committed to cloud-first banking.