Each of these pre-built integrations is built, maintained and supported by Zafin.

Pre-Built Adapters

Pre Built Adapters (Square With Smaller Shapes)

The Zafin integration library includes pre-built adapters for identified core banking systems. Data from these cores is readily ingested into Zafin, while product, pricing and offer outcomes from Zafin are returned to a bank’s core systems with equal ease. Zafin’s library of pre-built adapters shortens your bank’s time to implementation while reducing risk and accelerating in-market validation. Adapters are both file-based and API-based.

Salesforce Pre-Built Integration

Salesforce Pricing (Salesforce Cloud With Price Tag)

Zafin’s dedicated bi-directional Salesforce connector ensures Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud can access information requisite for campaign offer management, deal negotiation, addressing customers’ pricing, product and offer inquiries, and more.


Zafin exposes a complete set of APIs that enable banks and financial institutions to meet emerging Open Banking obligations. These APIs deliver granular information on products, rates and fees, plus the information bankers need to explain why a particular rate or fee was assessed for a specific customer.