Product Master

A centralized system of record for all product information across lines of business and channels, specifically designed to master banking products.

Reduce Conduct Risk

With all products in one place, prevent mis-selling and avoid potential fines by exerting greater control over the availability of products at the segment and channel level. Streamline regulatory reporting with a comprehensive audit log of all product changes.


Reduce Conduct Risk

Enable business users to create and change product propositions themselves quickly and easily.

Reduce the cost of creating, changing and launching product propositions.

Accelerate time to market

Accelerate time to market for creating, changing and launching product propositions.

Ensure consistency across channels

Enable one consistent view of product information across all channels.

Banking Onboarding Software

Enable your digital transformation program.


Get up and running quickly and reduce TCO with a rapid, out-of-the-box SaaS deployment on the cloud using Microsoft Azure.

Pre-integrated with key core banking providers

Externalize product definitions and attributes from DXC’s Hogan and FIS core banking systems to Product Master.


A single centralized repository

Externalize product information from core systems into Product Master — deposits, credit cards, lending, cash management, investments and more.

Reusable product attributes

Leverage a reusable library of configurable product parameters and attributes.

Product eligibility

Define suitable products by configuring product eligibility rules.

Product governance

All product changes are managed and tracked through an authorized user workflow and a full historical audit log.

Product packages

Combine products into pre-defined and dynamic packages, including both financial and non-financial products and services.

API integration

Seamless integration with upstream and downstream systems, returning the right product to any channel and distributing product data to any product system via an API.

Audit log and workflow

Robust tracking and governance, with changes and approvals by a set of authorized users automatically logged.