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Zafin Celebrates International Women’s Day

Today and every day, Zafin honors the amazing women we work with as colleagues and clients. We are committed to being a place in which women can thrive and where every voice is heard.


We embrace gender equality and inclusion at every level, across our global organization. On International Women’s Day, we’ve invited five women at Zafin to share what Breaking the Bias means to them.


There’s no room for bias – ever.


Racine SquareRacine Evans

Senior Analyst, Banking

I challenge stereotypes and bias.

My goal in every interaction is to be open-minded and accepting of differences. I’m glad to be part of a company that celebrates diversity of thought. Bias can be broken by engaging in healthy dialogue that stimulates learning and positive change without compartmentalizing people and/or groups based on subjectivity.



Micheline ChavignyMicheline

Internal Lead Support, Capital Markets

I help foster inclusiveness.

One part of my role is to help onboard new employees, and I take great pride in welcoming them to a company that truly values diversity, equity and inclusion. I uphold these principles by helping to foster a culture where everyone feels included, respected and heard.




Loveness RusikeLoveness

Head of Customer Execution Programs, Capital Markets

I challenge gender stereotypes.

I’m intentional about supporting women, specifically younger girls, to look beyond gender when choosing their careers paths. There is more room for women to continue to make a difference.





Vineetha AbrahamVineetha

Senior Vice President Engineering, Banking

I hold a gender-equal mindset.

We can break the behavioral bias if we treat the workplace as gender neutral. I’ve witnessed firsthand how women rise up to excel in technical leadership roles. Giving women the opportunity to lead, make decisions and empower others are key steps in reducing the bias that exists today.




Joanne FenwickJoanne Fenwick

Partner Manager, Capital Markets

I celebrate women’s achievements.

I am breaking the bias by honoring women and actively participating in a team that holds me up and helps me see my strengths and not my weaknesses.