Use Case
Customer Experience

Dynamically Serve Products, Packages, Offers and Pricing in Response to Customer Characteristics


Traditional banks typically offer one-size-fits-all pricing which is the same for every customer. Meanwhile, customer expectations are defined by the experiences enabled by companies like Amazon and Netflix where products, pricing and offers are defined and served to respond to key customer characteristics including stated interests and needs, past purchasing behavior, segmentation, demographics and more.


Design and execute products, packages, pricing and offers in response to key customer characteristics including preferences, behaviors, products, tenure, demographics and more.


Use Zafin’s product and pricing platform to create and execute highly personalized product and pricing strategies designed to meet the needs and expectations of targeted micro segments -- down to a segment of one. Products, packages, pricing and offers can vary based on a wide range of customer relationship and behavioral attributes, including segments, transactions, balances, products, channels, usage patterns and more.