Case Study
Core Modernization

Externalize Products and Pricing to Scale and Grow


In response to a range of commercial and operational constraints and drivers including a geographic expansion strategy, this Tier-1 bank decided to undertake a full digital transformation project.


Create a comprehensive discipline around product and pricing in preparation for expanding into new geographic markets. Stand-up a new digital bank using next-generation core technology.


The bank plans to externalize all retail lending and deposit products and pricing from its legacy Hogan core to Zafin’s platform. At the same, the bank will deploy a modern core integrated with Zafin’s product and pricing capabilities to support its new digital bank. To demonstrate the impact and viability of Zafin’s solution, the bank started with a limited-scope installation, using Zafin to execute a specific fee that the bank had been disclosing but not charging.


Zafin’s solution helped reduce revenue leakage, address fee waivers and strengthen the bank’s product governance model. The bank’s first use case is on track to generate $10-15 million in incremental revenue annually.

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