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Zafin’s 2021 Highlights

Taking stock of the highlights of 2021 has been an incredible experience for the Zafin team.


Although the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 brought about unexpected changes for us all, this past year has been one of steady focus – on building out our network of partner relationships, expanding our reach into different markets, and strengthening the capabilities of our award-winning product and pricing platform to meet the needs of banks and credit unions across the globe.

Zafin’s 2021 Highlights – A Look Back

We covered a lot of ground in the past year and paved a new way forward with our focus on helping both traditional institutions and digital first neobanks better meet the dynamic needs of their customers.


Zafin is proud to have added several brand new clients to our ever-growing roster of financial institutions powered by our product and pricing platform across the United States, Canada and the APAC region. We are also especially proud to continue working with our clients across the globe to expand our work within their enterprises as a trusted partner.

We’ve spent the past year focused on the following three key strategic areas:


  • Building valuable partnerships with other technology leaders;
  • Expanding our efforts across financial institutions of all sizes, including community banks, credit unions and building societies;
  • Investing in Zafin’s award-winning product and pricing platform to continue trailblazing the path forward for the fintech future.

Growing and Strengthening Partnerships

Zafin has proudly partnered with some of the leading technology companies for financial institutions for several years, including Accenture, DXC Technology, FIS, IBM, Microsoft and Salesforce, among others.


Earlier in the year, Microsoft announced its Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services, its financial services-specific cloud offering to strengthen privacy, security, and regulatory compliance for retail banks. Zafin has since been chosen by Microsoft to be one of the first partners on the Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services, enabling retail bank employees to deliver personalized product and package recommendations to customers. We are honored to have been chosen as part of this initial cohort of trusted strategic partners and look forward to working together with Microsoft to help banks accelerate their digital transformation.


We also expanded our collaboration with IBM, joining the IBM Cloud for Financial Services with Red Hat OpenShift to help financial institutions accelerate their drive towards digital with hybrid cloud. Zafin and IBM also continued their efforts to integrate core banking application on IBM Z to provide banks with real-time product and pricing information in hybrid cloud environments. This integrated technology will offer IBM Z customers a path to modernization while helping to address compliance for financial institutions in both the cloud and on-premises.


Zafin also joined forces with several new partners in 2021, including:

  • Backbase: As the leading engagement banking platform provider, Backbase’s partnership with Zafin allows its clients to leverage Zafin’s product and pricing platform to instantaneously deploy products and offers with pricing optimized to each individual customer. Through this access, Zafin helps complements Backbase’s extensive offering of comprehensive digital technology capabilities for banks.
  • Bring Global: Through its partnership with Zafin, Bring Global, a leading business digital transformation company for banks, will help expand Zafin deployments to financial institutions across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Together, Zafin and Bring Global’s complementary capabilities will help deliver comprehensive digital technology capabilities to financial institutions in these regions.
  • Codat: Codat is a leader in enabling small businesses to seamlessly share business and financial data with financial institutions. Through this partnership, banks and credit unions will gain access to the data they need to serve more efficiently and to personalize the products and pricing provided to small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Mambu: As the standout for SaaS Core Banking in recent years, Mambu has partnered with Zafin to allow financial institutions to have completed flexibility across rates, fees, offers and rewards with a pre-integrated solution. The combination tackles both deposit and lending use cases, has a time to market of less than 6 months and a rapid ROI. Composable and configurable – the partnership between Mambu and Zafin is allows FI’s to compete at speed.
  • Nixil: Nixil, a leading Information and Communications Technology provider, can now integrate with Zafins platform at banks and credit unions across Australia and New Zealand, helping to accelerate Zafin deployments in banks and credit unions across both countries and supporting a faster return on investment than ever before.

We also expanded our work with the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN), a consortium of financial institutions,

bian logo

banking software and service providers, and IT giants, which we first joined in early 2015. Building on the success of the initial Coreless proof of concept, the group sought to implement an end-to-end banking scenario surrounding Product Offer Management to demonstrate the core modernization approach leveraging the BIAN Framework in a real-world collaboration.


Zafin, in conjunction with JPMorgan Chase and BIAN ecosystem partners, initiated the second Coreless Banking Proof of Concept and led the use case stream to establish the base use case and map to the common Service Domains used within BIAN. In parallel, Zafin has also become the first participating member to successfully attain BIAN Certification for the implementation, enabling a variety of complex business scenarios across both the retail and corporate bank of any financial institution.

Zafin Expands to Serve Community Banks, Credit Unions and Building Societies

Zafin kicked off the 2021 new year with the news that, in addition to our market of Tier-1 global banks, we welcome working with community banks, credit unions and building societies to help these institutions differentiate from their competitors, retain and expand existing relationships, and acquire new account holders.


With Zafin, community financial institutions now have access to market-leading products, packages and offers that increase loyalty, increase growth, and attract younger consumers, including Millennials and Gen-Z. Specifically, financial institutions, including credit unions and building societies, can deliver more than a dozen products and packages that appeal to the unique needs and preferences of their target customers. They can also access a dashboard that visualizes the overall performance and impact of their product and pricing program. Best of all? Community banks, credit unions and building societies can expect to integrate Zafin’s secure cloud-native SaaS technology in four months or less.

Powerful Analytics Capabilities Embedded in Zafin Platform

Zafin’s product and pricing platform continues to enable financial service providers around the world to innovate, grow, and drive profits through concerted R&D efforts that are based on client feedback.


Our team at Zafin spent the last year strengthening and extending out the analytics capabilities of our platform to boost customer acquisition, retention, and engagement. We have embedded advanced analytics into the end-to-end platform for offer personalization, from audience targeting & offer creation to behavioral nudges and real-time performance insights.

Zafin’s global team continues to deliver cutting-edge solutions to help financial services providers understand, segment, bundle, and deliver value to end customers in real-time- and our efforts have not gone unnoticed.


Zafin is honored to be named the winner of the prestigious 2021 Microsoft Canada Impact Award for Application Modernization as well as a finalist for the Financial Services 2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards. We were also selected as the Fintech Business of the Year award as part of the Canadian National Business Awards. We were also shortlisted for the 2021 FSTech Awards for the Best Use of IT in Commercial Banking Award.


In-Person Events Resumed

We want to take a moment to recognize – and appreciate – connecting with our colleagues, peers, partners and clients across over 20+ virtual events and several in-person events.Team Zafin at Money 20/20 Las Vegas


Zafin was a proud sponsor of BIAN’s Global Summit 2021 as well as the Customer Owned Banking Association’s (COBA) 2021 Virtual Convention in Australia in November.


Our global team was especially excited to be able to finally attend events in person, kicking off the year with a strong presence at the Intersekt Festival 2021, Australia’s premier fintech conference in June. We were also thrilled to attend FinovateFall in New York, Money 20/20 in Amsterdam, and Money 20/20 in Las Vegas.


We look forward to being able to connect more, be it online or in-person, this year.


Reinventig Product and Pricing videoWe are also proud of how much our team continues to shine their expertise on the global stage through their interviews, panel sessions and speaking opportunities.


Al Karim Somji, Zafin’s CEO joined forces with Likhit Wagle, IBM’s GM of Global Banking to discuss how financial institutions are paving the path forward for exceptional digital transformation through exceptional customer experiences.

Thomas Schickler, Zafin’s COO, presented on how FIs can simplify and accelerate their digital transformation and core modernization efforts.


Venkataraman (Bala) Balasubramnian, Zafn’s CTO, spoke with Charaka Kithulegoda, Chief Information Officer & EVP Retail Banking at PNC Bank, about the bank’s path to modernization, including the usage of BIAN Service Domains, BIAN APIs and Zafin’s product and pricing platform, to reduce revenue leakage, strengthen product governance and increase profitability.


Bala spoke with Joel Spieth, GM, Cloud for Financial Services at IBM as part of the American Banker’s Reinventing Financial Services Digital Forum about the importance of ISVs in helping banking incumbents accelerate their banking modernization efforts.


Bala also collaborated with Chuck Calio and Mitch Siegel of IBM on a recent (and very well-attended!) online seminar discussing how financial institutions on IBM Z mainframes can modernize quickly and efficiently through core banking application modernization enabled by Zafin.


Hali Khan, Zafin’s Vice President for EMEA, discussed the pros and cons of governance in fintech at a recent virtual roundtable hosted by FinTech Magazine. You can read the full discussion between Hali and her fellow panelists here.


Nicholle Lindner, Zafin’s Senior Vice President & Managing Director of APAC, spoke at the 4th Annual FundTech 2021 Event as part of the “Women in FinTech – Perspectives on impact of Disruptive Influence of Emerging Technologies” panel.


We also want to recognize Aliya Sadeque, Zafin’s Senior Director CRM Ecosystems, recent recognition as a fantastic female in the fintech industry.

Looking Forward

We are genuinely excited for all the opportunities that are unfolding in 2022. Zafin continues to stand behind its commitment to drive key advancements in our technology, forging partnerships that deliver value, and delivering on commitments to clients and prospects.


Stay tuned for all of Zafin’s latest updates by joining our mailing list below. And don’t forget to follow us on: LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

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