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Zafin Announces it has Joined the American Bankers Association (ABA)


We’re pleased to announce that Zafin has officially become a member of the American Bankers Association (ABA)! This partnership will offer us unique insight into the processes of regional banks in America and continue to foster relationships with financial institutions across the United States.

Why has Zafin Joined the ABA

Zafin is continuously looking to provide advanced technological solutions to help banks excel, especially smaller financial institutions which don’t have as much access as their Tier 1 counterparts. Becoming a member of the ABA will offer us a new perspective into the needs of American bankers.

Adam Nanjee, our Senior Vice President, Digital Banking had this to say:

“The US banking industry has been conditioned by their legacy core systems. Zafin develops technology that solves that problem. That’s why we’ve joined the ABA to ensure we help every bank in the US overcome this challenge. With just a few clicks in our tool, banks can accomplish what would otherwise take months and cost millions.”

What is the ABA?

The ABA is a network of “hometown bankers” with memberships ranging from tiny community banks to larger regional ones. It’s designed to empower bankers with the latest information on technology, trends and regulation, and provide a unified advocacy group campaigning to improve laws governing banks.

In addition to education and advocacy, the ABA helps train bankers in compliance, and offer them an enormous library resources to refer to. The ABA is an important network, helping all banks — but especially small community organizations — succeed.



Are you an ABA member looking to learn more about how Zafin can help your financial institution? Don’t hesitate — get in touch with us today!

About Zafin

Zafin (@zafin) is a leading financial technology provider that enables banks to form richer, more personalized client relationships. Built from the ground up for financial services, its platform empowers banks to enhance revenue and operational efficiency. Founded in 2002, Zafin sits among North America’s top FinTech companies, and is trusted by retail and corporate units at some of the largest banks worldwide. Headquartered in Toronto with global offices, Zafin has a proven track record with a 100 percent client retention rate as validation.

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