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Zafin Hosts Envision Agile for First Ever Meetup

Part of what makes Zafin such an amazing place to work is the commitment it has to advancing a successful Toronto business community. As part of that, we had the opportunity to host the first ever Envision Agile event recently, which brings together Agile project management enthusiasts to discuss the latest best practices and lessons learned.

Agile is a project management style traditionally associated with software development. In a nutshell, Agile methodology prioritizes iterations of a project rather than completing it in one go. It also prioritizes a collaborative approach to problem solving and encourages innovation (as long as it’s appropriately time-boxed.)

While Agile was initially invented to facilitate software development, it has evolved to influence project management in every aspect of business. Zafin employs a lot of Agile principles, so working with Envision was a natural choice.

The theme of Envision Agile’s first meeting was “The Silent Killer of Every Team: MULTITASKING.” During this first session we learned how trying to focus on more than one task simultaneously, you’re making your efforts less effective. With so much always on the go both at work and elsewhere, a reminder to stay task-oriented is always valuable, and a great way to kick off Envision Agile!

Zafin is committed to constantly encouraging an environment of personal and professional development. Like with Envision Agile, we are all about providing opportunities for not only the Zafin community, but the business community at large to hone their skills and develop new ones.

If you’re pursuing opportunities for professional development and career growth, Zafin may be just what you’re looking for. We are committed to providing opportunities like Envision Agile — not just as education purposes, but as networking opportunities to meet like-minded professionals in the business community.

Looking for you next step? Check out Zafin careers, and reach out about any opportunity that suits you. We’d love to start a conversation.

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