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Catalyze growth. Inspire loyalty. Attract new customers and better serve existing ones.

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Zafin is transforming banking with our innovative easy-to-use product, pricing and promotion solution.

  • Deliver products, packages and offers your customers and community want and need
  • Drive acquisition, grow relationships, reduce attrition and increase profitability with brand-building offers and amazing creative messaging that aligns with your institution’s authentic voice 
  • Attract and serve younger customers, including Millennials and Generation-Z

Solution Components

Compelling products and packages

Use case

More than a dozen products and packages that are easily calibrated to delight your customers, beat your competition, and achieve your business objectives.

Frictionless integration into your core

Database Backups (Data And Clouds)

Our pre-built and pre-tested integrations will have you up and running with positive market impact in a matter of weeks.

Positive ROI

Growth (Bar Graph With Upward Arrow)

Tap into the most powerful levers in banking—product and price—to grow and prosper.

Meaningful metrics

Rates and Fees

Easy-to-read dashboards delivered on a consistent cadence will help you monitor progress and measure success. No more guessing when it comes to the impact of your product and pricing program.

Turnkey marketing services

Zafin custom training

Sit back and relax with white-glove marketing support that drives results. Deliver the right marketing message at the right time with minimal effort from your team.

Secure cloud-native technology

Cloud (Cloud With Checkmark)

Benefit from enhanced security, plus flexibility and scalability, to bring differentiating products, packages and offers to market at speed.

How it Works



Define business objectives and identify target segments.

  • Choose target segments that support your brand and business strategies
  • Ensure relevance with propositions that match the unique needs of your target segments
  • Evolve to include new segments over time


Choose the right product, package or offer for your target segment and business objectives.

  • Increase response with greater product relevance
  • Create value propositions that are truly motivating to your target customers
  • Tweak product features and pricing strategies with ease and at speed


Adjust parameters based on market conditions, competitive offerings and your unique brand.

  • Establish fees and charges that work
  • Define ways to waive that respond to your particular portfolio dynamics
  • Create incentives that motivate your community


Tell a compelling story that motivates customers and activates communities.

  • Build your brand and increase positive perception
  • Get your word out in the marketplace
  • Maximize impact with persuasive on-brand creative materials


Achieve key business objectives with certainty.

  • Hit account, balance and fee revenue goals
  • Increase cross-sales
  • Boost engagement, activation and usage


Know what’s working—quickly, clearly and accurately.

  • Streamline program assessment
  • Benefit from easy-to-read dashboards
  • Compare versus benchmarks
  • Optimize your investment

Be the bank communities and customers love
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