Step up your Product Information Management game.

Go to market better and faster.

central source of truth

Create a central source of truth for product information

Customer centric

Present suitable products to eligible customers, every time


Bring new product variants to market at speed


Ensure robust product governance


Reduce conduct risk


Enable easy access to product information bank-wide

Zafin’s Product Information Management solution strengthens your bank’s position with customers, competitors and regulators.


Give customers relevant, personalized experiences across channels.

  • Publish consistent product information across channels
  • Present suitable products to eligible customers based on their attributes, needs and preferences
  • Create customer-centric journeys with dynamic product and pricing down to a segment of one

Respond at speed when competitors bring new offers to market.

  • Externalize products and pricing from core systems
  • Give control to the business and reduce reliance on IT
  • Deploy new product variants with ease

Provide regulators with the robust product governance they require.

  • Use Zafin’s Product Catalog as the single source of truth for product information
  • Manage product information across the full product lifecycle, ensuring consistency and transparency
  • Leverage better access to information plus augmented controls to mitigate conduct risk, including mis-selling

Zafin’s Product Information Management enables faster delivery of new products and pricing.

Plus, it ensures consistent implementation of eligibility and suitability criteria for every customer and every banking channel.

Solution Components

Product and Pricing Repository

Externalize products and pricing from core systems

Product Lifecycle Management

Ensure consistent product governance across the bank

Product Governance Model

Tools to enable a robust product governance framework

Workflow, Risk and Control Matrices

Tools for governance, risk and control

API-Based Integration Framework

Facilitate digital transformation

Security, Service and Audit

Comprehensive, accurate, transparency data

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