De-risk core modernization

Move away from custom integration and speed up digital transformation with our tried and tested connectors and integration capabilities 

Simultaneous business transformation

Embrace a concurrent approach to progressive core modernization alongside your business transformation, continuously delivering benefits to your banking customers

Accelerate integrations

Orchestrate effective integrations across your various core banking systems and Zafin’s centralized product and pricing engine with reduced complexity

Speed up time to value

Leapfrog the competition by launching new personalized propositions at scale and at speed by no longer wasting time writing generic integration code

Learn more about how we can transform your business and modernize your core.

How we do it

Efficiently aligning banking ecosystem integration with business transformation

From your cores to the Zafin cloud-native SaaS and across the collaboration and workflow tools of your banking ecosystem, Zafin IO enables seamless integration, all with BIANaligned analytics and operational data store.

Connectors and accelerators

Faster connections to core systems, collaboration tools, and application integrations

Core banking 

Utilize a portfolio of pre-built core banking connectors, offering end-to-end observability, scalability, and resiliency


Leverage our collaboration connectors to expose the business capabilities of the Zafin product suite through everyday communication tools such as Microsoft Teams


Streamline digital workflows for your enterprise by using our application connectors, which directly connect your customer support, sales, and other customer communications with Zafin

Zafin Copilot

Take advantage of Microsoft Azure Open AI-powered, Zafin Copilot, to meet the user in the way they think and communicate: as a conversation 

Foundational capabilities

Capabilities to accelerate the data and application integration between your core systems and Zafin’s enterprise grade platform

Data integration 

Support multiple data integration strategies including batch file ETL, change data capture, and streaming

Schema transformation​
Ingest and transform your bank’s existing data into a BIAN-aligned data model for seamless integration into Zafin
Delta detection​
Create delta files to guarantee that only the necessary data is processed. This enables you to send a complete set of data daily and not worry about determining and generating delta files.
Sensitive data leakage detection
Utilize AI to auto classify data ingestion and enable field-level encryption and sensitive data leakage detection

API Bridging

Leverage established patterns and a framework for creating façade APIs, effectively bridging legacy API calls with new, modern BIAN-aligned API calls. This approach minimizes the effort required for channel integration 

Event-to-API bridge​
Bridge Zafin events to API calls, facilitating near-real-time event-driven integration with your core systems
Microservices framework ​
Leverage a hardened Microservices/API framework with cross-cutting concerns, which includes observability. This guarantees that the most stringent non-functional requirements can be met

Decisions Engine

Introduce a modern decisions engine that empowers the creation and execution of various rule constructs

Business user friendly
Design an intuitive user experience for creating business rules that make the most of all data attributes being ingested by Zafin
Ensure a logged understanding of the outcomes resulting from rule execution, promoting auditability, trust, and transparency

Development features

Zafin IO Builders provide a comprehensive toolkit for smooth integration across your cores, with AI-powered Zafin Copilot for conversational building

Local development environment and CLI

Boost developer productivity by using our comprehensive Zafin IO local development environment. Provide developers with a Command Line Interface (CLI) to seamlessly interact with both local and remote instances of Zafin IO

Connector Development Kit (CDK)

Core providers, partners, and banks can leverage the Zafin IO Connector Development Kit (CDK) to create connectors to various systems as first class citizens of the Zafin IO platform
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Using config file: /Users/ziouser/.zio.yaml
Executing start
Detected OS: macOS
Checking and Installing prerequisites...
Adding helm repo jetstack...
ZIO | | 0.00%
Adding helm repo cetic...

Adding helm repo flink-operator-repo...

Building docker-compose...
ZIO |██████████████████████↖ | 30.00%
Creating docker-compose...
ZIO |██████████████████████████↗ | 40.00%
Creating kind cluster...
ZIO |██████████████████████████████↗ | 50.00%
Switching to kind-dev...
ZIO |█████████████████████████████████↗ | 60.00%
Applying zio-dev...
ZIO |█████████████████████████████████████↗ | 70.00%
Initializing terraform...
ZIO |████████████████████████████████████████↘ | 80.00%
Applying terraform...
ZIO |████████████████████████████████████████████↙ | 90.00%
ZIO |███████████████████████████████████████████████| 100.00%
Commands executed in 4m40.854506333s
Port-forwarding sftp port 2222:22...
Port-forwarding temporal port 6080:8080...
Port-forwarding nifi-registry port 18080:18080...
Port-forwarding redpanda port 9080:8080...
Port-forwarding flink port 7080:8081...
Port-forwarding nifi port 9443:9443...
Copilot Nodes
Zafin Capilot

Hi there 👋

Your Deposit Transactions Data Pipeline is ready for you.

Copilot Nodes
Zafin Capilot

Hi there 👋

Your Deposit Transactions Data Pipeline is ready for you.

ZIO User

My files require unzipping. Could you add node to the pipeline?

Zafin Capilot


I’ve added UNZIP Node into your pipeline. Let me know what else you need.
Copilot Nodes


I’ve added UNZIP Node into your pipeline.

Let me know what else you need.

ZIO User

Set SOURCE node for FTP

Zafin Capilot
What is the SFTP Hostname?
Copilot Nodes
ZIO User

Set SOURCE node for FTP

What is the SFTP Hostname?

ZIO User

What is SFTP?

Where can I find this info?

Zafin Capilot

It’s a host name or IP address of the SFTP server.

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Zafin Copilot

Leverage, Zafin Copilot, a first class citizen across our product platforms. Empower conversational building by serving as both a knowledge assistant and an action agent for streamlined operations

Data pipeline builder 

Establish data pipelines for transforming the existing data to align with the Zafin SaaS integration specification 

API bridge builder  

Create integration façades to facilitate bridging to Zafin APIs while limiting complex widespread changes. Build event to API bridges for data synchronization

Data product builder

Open the possibility to easily create data products that solve business problems, by having all data flowing in and out of Zafin in the Zafin Data Fabric. Select data of interest, join with other data, enrich via many different means, and materialize into a view for API access or report creation