Zafin Studio pillars

Empower your tomorrow, today  

Zafin Studio isn’t static – it’s an evolving force that mirrors your aspirations. As the banking industry shifts, we are right there with you, ensuring your success remains our priority. We have built Zafin Studio on 3 pillars:

Customer-centered innovation

Enhance customer experiences

Zafin Studio Framework and Methodology is designed to prioritize the customer experience, enabling banks with customer propositions that match interactions and create integrated revenue streams to compete and grow. When combined with our profound expertise in retail and commercial banking, along with our unique product architecture model, we help you ideate, define, evaluate and deliver contextualized product propositions and pricing strategies to extend customer lifetime value and propel your transformation forward.


Unlock potential with actionable insights

You are part of a global banking landscape navigating a fresh wave of change. Zafin Product and Pricing Index along with Zafin Product Explorer serve actionable market and customer insights empowering you to adopt bolder, more innovative approaches to secure long-term value. Our team of thought leaders and industry experts, with their hands-on experience, offer priceless insights into the latest trends and innovations, giving you a competitive edge.

Proven, enterprise technology

Your catalyst for innovation

Zafin Proposition Canvas is your launchpad into the world of next-gen customer proposition modeling. By leveraging this accelerator, you are equipped with the tools and insights needed to refine and create compelling customer propositions powered by the Zafin platform, and to help unlock new revenue streams that resonate with the evolving market dynamics. Experience the power of the Zafin Proposition Canvas today.