Our Platform

In an era of heightened regulation and rising costs, financial services providers require a wide range of capabilities to meet customer needs and capitalize on revenue opportunities. Zafin’s global client base uses our banking software solutions to capture market share and gain competitive advantage.

With Zafin, you can build a 360-degree view of your customer relationships, launch new product innovations suited to their needs, build solid customer engagement, and create sustained competitive differentiation – and we are with you every step of the way to ensure a successful implementation of our award-winning technology platform.

Zafin stands alone when it comes to enabling today’s financial service providers to deliver customer-centric product innovations that drive revenue, transparency, and operational efficiency. Here is how miRevenue, our award-winning technology platform, can work for you in four simple steps: design, price, offer, and bill.

Banking Product Design

Without a comprehensive, real-time ability to view their product and services suite, financial services providers are unable to capitalize on every potential revenue opportunity.

With Zafin’s miRevenue, you can:

  • Create products and product attributes to suit specific customer needs
  • Bundle products together
  • Define and enforce both suitability and eligibility rules for products and bundles
  • Enable self-service capabilities to boost transparency and efficiency

Bank Product Pricing
Financial services providers struggle to price their offerings for different customer segments based on the customer relationship and customer behaviour. Zafin empowers you to balance centralized pricing control with flexibility in order to drive revenue.

With Zafin’s miRevenue, you can:

  • Empower Product Managers to create and launch pricing changes themselves – no IT intervention required
  • Offer pricing to any customer segment based on suitability and eligibility criteria
  • Create exception-based pricing for customers as needed
  • Centralize pricing control
  • Apply pricing policies consistently and efficiently
  • Simulate pricing scenarios prior to launch

Bank Loyalty Offers
Zafin can arm staff with the tools to flexibly provide existing clients and new prospects with limited offers. Furthermore, relationship managers are able to simulate pricing models as well as proactively analyze the profitability of new offers.

With Zafin’s miRevenue, you can:

  • Generate accurate, profitable offers such as responses to RFPs and unsolicited proposals, including via online channels
  • Set clear and detailed offer terms whereby offers can become contracts
  • Create offers at both the segment level and at the customer level

Bank Billing Software
Many banks struggle with manual and error-prone invoicing processes, often resulting in customer conflict and dissatisfaction. With Zafin, financial services providers can customize and automate client invoicing and billing with ease. Crucially, financial services providers are able to set invoice cycles based on a range of options.

Zafin’s miRevenue enables:

  • Flexible, configurable billing models
  • Streamlined billing processes on a single, centralized platform
  • Ability to detect and control revenue and fee leakage
  • Consolidated invoices designed to meet customer needs
  • Ability to use an invoice to clearly communicate value to the customer