Zafin announces Michael Nitsopoulos as Chief Product Officer

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The partner advantage

By choosing Zafin, you’re also choosing the power of their deep network

Global Reach

Sales and customer support teams to work wherever your banking teams are located.

Technology Innovation

We partner to offer the best next-generation banking experiences needed for today and the future.

Industry Knowledge

Our partner organizations have deep industry expertise to support your banking teams and operations.

Strategic partners

Zafin works closely with key partners to provide banks with the breadth and depth of our combined platforms and architecture to enable modern financial services.

Cores and Technology innovators 

Zafin connects to multiple cores and externalizes product and pricing to create cross-core propositions. We work closely with core and technology innovators to modernize, augment, or extend banking cores to support business operations and enable the creation of new, innovative propositions.

System integrators

System Integrators support Zafin with highly qualified resources, valuable insights, and a wealth of integration expertise to ensure successful customer deployments.

Strategy consulting  

Zafin works with the top consulting partners to ensure clients understand current options and considerations related to core modernization and technology upgrades.

Industry associations

Zafin is an active member of industry associations such as the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) Association and is committed to collaborating with customers and partners to drive continuous technology innovation that fosters growth and advancement in the global banking community.

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Zafin employs a rigorous process to evaluate partners for capability and culture fit. This ensures the ecosystem that surrounds Zafin and supports our clients shares a common vision and execution teams are fully aligned.
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