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Today’s financial institutions have an incredible amount of data within their core banking systems – but using it to create new products in a fast-evolving digital world is a challenge.

Zafin’s platform takes product and pricing out of core banking, so our customers can innovate faster, with less complexity and less risk.

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Product Journey. Customer Journey. One Platform.

Zafin’s cloud platform lets banks turn their wealth of customer information into new products, stronger relationships, and sustainable growth. Our platform connects end-to-end product lifecycle management with customer journeys, with no compromise between speed-to-market and robust governance.​

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We solve financial institutions' biggest challenges

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Relationship Pricing

Create product packages and pricing tuned to where your customers are now – and where their lives are going.

Agile Product
Lifecycle Management

Bring product variants and new offerings to market with speed and scale – and effectively manage, govern and evolve over the whole lifecycle.


Automate complex pricing and billing transparently to build stronger customer relationships.

Modernize & Transform
Core Banking

Accelerate your digital transformation with less risk.

We are proud to work with financial institutions around the world. Meet a few of our clients.


Who We Work With

Enterprise Banks

Turn customer data into customer satisfaction. Create unlimited product and pricing packages with Zafin’s platform.

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Community Banks

Deepen your customer relationships. Reward your customers’ loyalty, while increasing share-of-wallet and revenue.

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Credit Unions & Building Societies

Boost your growth and bottom line. Build the personalized products, packages and offers your members truly want. ​

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Future-proof your digital bank. Create innovative product and pricing packages that elevate your customer experience. ​

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News & Announcements

In the News: Zafin names Al-Noor Ramji to its Board

Ramji brings more than 30 years of experience in technology, banking and venture capital roles to help guide Zafin through its next growth stage.

In the News: Core Banking Modernization Webinar with IDC, IBM and Zafin

Join us for an interactive discussion with guest speaker, Jerry Silva, Vice President for Financial Insights at IDC to understand the latest in retail banking worldwide and the pathway to modular modernization that serves banks and their customers.

In the News: Zafin Names Revell Board Chair

Revell’s more than 35 years of experience in the banking, telecommunications and IT industries brings tremendous value to leading Zafin through its future ambitions.

In The News: Zafin & FINCAD featured in the Globe and Mail

Zafin Founder and Group CEO Al Karim Somji sat down with The Globe and Mail to discuss Zafin’s exciting acquisition of FINCAD.

Zafin Acquires FINCAD

We are pleased to announce Zafin’s acquisition of FINCAD, a global leader in pricing and risk analytics of financial derivatives and fixed income products, and the launch of our Capital Markets Group. Together, we are going to disrupt how the industry delivers product, pricing and advanced analytics solutions.

What Zafin Can Do
For Your Financial Institution

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