A global leader in product and pricing control solutions for financial institutions

Banking is changing quickly. Customer expectations. Competitive dynamics. Regulatory oversight. Are you prepared to respond?

  • Grow relationships

    Incent behavior to grow and retain customers, accounts, balances and transactions.

  • Execute effectively

    Create and price products and packages quickly and accurately for specific segments.

  • Reduce conduct risk

    Minimize product mis-selling and ensure fair, transparent pricing for clients and regulators.

Zafin’s platform complements the bank’s back-end systems and integrates easily with customer-facing channels.

Our product suite improves the precision, integrity and flexibility of product and pricing terms at the segment and individual customer level, while helping banks reduce conduct risk.

  • Personalization

    Create relevant products, pricing and offers that cater to the specific needs of different microsegments.

  • Core system simplification

    Create options to reduce the risk of your core transformation journey by eliminating complexity around marketable instances of products.

  • Pricing governance

    Ensure that client pricing is appropriate and fair, while substantiating that fees and rates are consistent with contracts and disclosures.

  • Multi-channel enablement

    Execute cross-channel product and pricing strategies quickly and accurately.

  • Flexibility and agility

    Empower business users to create and change product definitions, pricing and offers, while decreasing time to market by up to 70%.

  • Rapid, lightweight SaaS implementation in the cloud

    Get up and running in as little as three months on Microsoft Azure, with minimal changes required to existing systems.

  • Scalability and reliability

    We currently process more than 500 million accounts a day worldwide (and growing).

  • Compelling ROI

    Typical project payback in less than 12 months. Typical ROI is 3-4X the bank's total cost of ownership (TCO) over a five-year period.


Latest news

Zafin + Salesforce

Zafin launches Zafin Pricing for Salesforce, a pre-built integration to help financial institutions better serve customers.


Financial services veteran Alexandra (Alex) Roddy joins Zafin as Executive Vice President, Marketing and Partnerships.

Zafin + BIAN

BIAN launches its ‘Coreless Bank’ initiative with 6 major global banks, including Zafin as a key technology partner, to promote a more efficient and effective approach to modernising banking software.

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