De-risk core modernization 

Move away from custom integration and speed up digital transformation with our tried and tested connectors and integration capabilities 

Simultaneous business transformation 

Embrace a concurrent approach to progressive core modernization alongside your business transformation, continuously delivering benefits to your banking customers 

Accelerate integrations 

Orchestrate effective integrations across your various core banking systems and Zafin’s centralized product and pricing engine with reduced complexity

Speed up time to value

Leapfrog the competition by launching new personalized propositions at scale and at speed by no longer wasting time writing generic integration code

Zafin IO and Zafin Data Fabric

Learn how to accelerate your core modernization journey and the shift to enterprise pricing

How we do it

Efficiently aligning banking ecosystem integration with business transformation 

From your cores to the Zafin cloud-native SaaS and across the collaboration and workflow tools of your banking ecosystem, Zafin IO enables seamless integration, all with BIAN-aligned analytics and operational data store. 

Foundational capabilities 

Capabilities to accelerate the data and application integration between your core systems and Zafin’s enterprise grade platform 

Core Connectors & Accelerators

Out-of-the-box connectors for modern Cores and accelerators for legacy cores

Data Integrations

Support multiple data integration strategies including batch file ETL, change data capture, and streaming

Application Integration

Integrate commonly used business applications into your end-to-end product lifecycle management processes