Improved reliability

Connectors and accelerators bring learnings and best practices from previous deployments and testing across multiple clients, helping them become more reliable for you over time

Enhanced scalability

Minimized degradation in performance with increased transaction volumes ensures you can scale effectively


Connectors and accelerators ensure a standardized approach for interfacing with the Zafin platform while keeping room to accommodate your unique custom requirements

Expert support and maintenance

Leverage our in-house expertise and knowledge to customize and support every stage of your connector implementation

Zafin IO and Zafin Data Fabric

Learn how to accelerate your core modernization and the shift to enterprise pricing

Core connectors

We have built connectors and accelerators for many common banking systems

How it works

Connectors and accelerators simplify the integration between your bank’s core banking systems and 
Zafin Product & Pricing

Our banking core connector offering

Access our comprehensive material and our experienced, in-house team to ensure an effective and efficient integration


Solution architecture with integration approaches based on your environment, and detailed design documents with step-by-step instructions for your implementation teams

Pre-built code, templates, or configurations

Sample code, templates, or configuration settings to simplify implementation 

Advanced Features

Data mapping, transformation capabilities, and built-in support for complex integration patterns and/or orchestration to reduce development time

Access to our experts

Guidance and support from experts with deep knowledge of how legacy and modern core systems integrate with Zafin Product & Pricing

Learn more

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