Gain a complete view of the customer

Elevate customer profiles and create a holistic view of your customers using dynamic segmentation – enabling more nuanced and accurate targeting 


Define and update segments and cohorts quickly and easily

Build and update cohorts with our Zafin product and pricing platform, no data expertise needed

Enhance communication with standard APIs

Seamlessly transmit dynamic cohort details via APIs and deliver tailored messages based on identified behavioral nuances 

Learn more about how we can transform your data into action.

How it works

Here’s how you use Dynamic Cohorts

Create segments with your desired profiles

Create segments with your desired profiles

Create your first cohort from your customers based on your desired criteria, including– age, geography, financial behavior, transaction activity, and offer attributes.
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Track your cohorts

Track your cohorts

Track cohorts as they change in composition over time based on your defined criteria.

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Act quickly on the information

Act quickly on the information

Reach out to your customers in a highly targeted, relevant, and timely manner through your existing communication channels.

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Grow your share of wallet by better targeting offers and optimal pricing


Targeted offers

Trigger targeted offers based on the nuances of customer behavior and preferences to boost conversion rates and drive impactful customer engagement 


Optimize pricing

Implement optimal pricing and incentive structures by understanding the preferences and behaviors of diverse customer cohorts, enhancing customer retention, and optimizing revenue streams 


Rapid data acquisition

Make agile decisions through timely data acquisition, ensuring prompt insights for targeted customer campaign strategies 


Optimize outreach

Optimize outreach by identifying and targeting customers meeting specific eligibility conditions for a proposition, even if they fall short on certain criteria 

Experience features

An easy-to-use self-service interface allows you to quickly and easily build and maintain your cohorts


Configure with ease

Effortlessly build audiences using any combination of events with the help of a user-friendly canvas  

Behavioral settings

Tailor specialized banking cohorts based on customer characteristics, account details, transaction patterns, and offer attributes

Data dashboards

Make informed decisions with timely dashboards that offer comprehensive insights based on the cohorts you’ve built 

Integration features

Unlock the power of cohorts by integrating with other systems


Integrate with pricing

Effortlessly synchronize with the bank’s pricing engine to seamlessly execute micro-targeted pricing and offer propositions

Martech and channel applications

Expose data through standard APIs, allowing Martech and channel applications

Downstream system actions

Initiate downstream system actions with standard APIs that enable cohesive and efficient workflow 

Development features 

Uncover customer insights and enhance experiences with personalized data products built on near real-time data

Developer friendly APIs to get cohorts details to integrate with martech applications

Get Customers

List of customers in a specified cohort to enable down-stream systems for personalized communication and offer presentment

Get Cohorts

List of cohorts for specified customer to enrich data for downstream systems such as pricing and offer execution

1  {   
2       "cohort_name": "recently_opened_accounts",
3       "cohort_description": "Customers with recently opened accounts",
4       "frequency": "monthly",
5       "rulesets": 
6      {
7        "data":
8        [
9           {
10               "ruleset_detail":    
11                 {
12                    "data":
13                    {
14                      "type": "account",
15                      "attribute": "account_open_date",
16                      "value":
17                      {
18                         "value": "01/01/2024"
19                         },
20                      "value_operator": "after"
21                      }
22                    }
23                }
24         ]
25      }
26    }