Zafin has a global team of financial experts, forward thinkers, and problem solvers, working together to make superior SaaS product and pricing solutions for the next generation of banks. Our team is always looking for talented people who exhibit excellent communication skills, collaborative by nature, highly adaptable and flexible, plus a never ending willingness to learn. If you are looking to make an impact with a dynamic, fast growth company, we want to meet you!

” Zafin enriched my career and helped me scale my skills up through a variety of roles throughout delivery and sales for some of our biggest clients around the world.”


Why Zafin?

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Our culture

We are zealous, forward-thinking, inclusive and nimble people who bring their A-game every day.

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This permeates everything we say and do, and as a result our customers and colleagues experience the difference. Zafin is proud to have near 100% customer retention, and we are certified as a Great Place to Work in both Canada and India.


Flexible work choices

We offer flexible arrangements to support the important things at work and in your personal life.

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This includes opportunities for flexible hours, flexible locations and various types of paid leaves to give you the time away that you may need.


Meaningful recognition

When we say “recognition”, we don’t mean the typical gift-card, points, digital-high-five type of kudos.

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At Zafin, you will have the opportunity to shape your role, make your mark and chart your career path. Working for a global company, you will tackle complex challenges, collaborate internationally, collaborate around the world and may have opportunities to travel. You can also expect financial benefits commensurate with your success.

Advance goals

Early days success

We believe success works both ways: your success is our success, and our success is yours.

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We are committed to getting you up to speed in your role, whether you’re a new hire, changing teams or recently promoted. You will be set up for success with the right tools, learning opportunities, connections and on-the-job experiences. And since there is no single path for growth at Zafin, we offer our Employee Development & Growth Experience (EDGE) to customize your career path so you are ready when opportunity knocks.

Customer centric

Life impacting financial benefits

Last but certainly not least, we offer financial benefits where you can enjoy a higher standard of living.

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Competitive compensation plan, including market-leading incentives.    Generous paid time off including personal days, sick time, and vacation

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We pride ourselves in collaboration, adaptable and flexible by nature, plus have a never ending willingness to learn.

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Zafin is a private high growth company; its stock option plan is almost exclusively for employees who share our sense of purpose and creates value that keeps us on our A-game.


Named as one of the fastest-growing companies and one of the best places to work, Zafin offers employees a culture fueled by motivated, inclusive, engaged, empowered and passionate team members.

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