Here’s how Analytics can help your bank:

View detailed performance monitoring insights for the different products, packages and offers launched by the banks

Allow Relationship Managers to assess the consumption of products by customers and impact of pricing

Provide Relationship Managers visibility into their portfolio’s performance, informing them of their customers’ activities and assisting with future negotiations

Adjust product pricing and offer criteria based on insights

Fine tune the Zafin product parameters to ensure achievement of desired business outcomes


Discover how our extension can transform the way you approach your business:

View insightful, pre-built dashboards and reports at product, proposition, offer and client level providing actionable insights

Quickly take action based on immediately refreshed information as soon as the transactions are processed

Segment data across parameters providing business users with the ability to view the information from their unique lens

Ensure profitable client relationships and achievement of business objectives with the continuous feedback loop

Track and modify product, pricing and offer strategies based on performance monitoring

Meet business objectives by proactively responding to emerging trends thanks to the realtime data view

Create user-specific dashboard views