Here’s how Rates & Fees can help your bank:

Empower business users to create and change pricing propositions themselves thereby improving dynamism of pricing and market responsiveness

Execute client-centric pricing strategies that grow share of wallet and extend the duration of client relationships

Accelerate time to market, reduce the cost of creating, changing, and launching pricing propositions, and drive sustainable revenue growth


Achieve complete transparency around fees and rates, providing clients and regulators with clear and concise substantiation of all charges

Go Live

Get up and running quickly and reduce total cost of ownership with a rapid, out-of-the-box SaaS deployment on the cloud using Microsoft Azure

Create a solid pricing execution foundation, paving the way for the introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the future, while enhancing pricing execution capabilities and driving revenue growth 


Discover how our capability can transform the way you approach rates and fees:

Fee Percentage

Import or build standard base rates for all rate related products


Specify margins, exceptions and validations


Create different rate plans for specific microsegments based on configurable attributes


Dynamically adjust rates through the cycle, minimizing operational dependency and ensuring alignment to internal liquidity guidelines

Fee Calculation

Configure standard fees and calculations

Target Shield

Establish a rules-based governance framework to track fee waivers, discounts, rebates and reversals against required conditions

Enable fee transparency for both front-line staff and clients, with defined rationale and purpose


Complete audit trail for all pricing changes, ensuring accountability and supporting look backs where required